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We are a very popular movie magazine covering world cinema. Our subscribers reached the 10,000 milestones last month. We provide you the top news about the world film industry. A major portion of our magazine covers Hollywood, but we also acknowledge the beautiful works of filmmakers around the globe.

As we cover a vast area of the film industry, we are currently in need of writers to write on new movies, movie stars, reviews, interviews, festival coverage, etc. We offer good payment for the contributions. If you have a few years of writing experience, especially in the field of entertainment, then send us a sample. If we like your writing style, we will contact you and proceed further with the recruitment. Before you start writing for us, we will give you a short training on how we want our writings to be. Our senior writers will train you on the tone and style of the writing we prefer. They will give you tips on improving your writing as well. Initially, you will be paired with one of our senior writers, and then you will write an entire post by yourself.

We hope to have you on board. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to know. We look forward to hearing from you.