Seven amazing facts about the Oscars that you didn’t know

Academy Awards started in 1929. It is the most prestigious awards for movies. This event holds international attention every year. There are some interesting facts associated with Oscars, which you might have never heard of.

1. The Oscar winners cannot own the statues they receive. Those who receive the award must sign an agreement stating that if they think of selling the trophy, they must first offer them to the Oscar committee for $1. They won’t be able to keep their trophy if they refuse. This has been the rule since 1950. If these trophies appear on the open market, they sell at a very high price. Steven Spielberg, for example, bought Bette Davis’ Oscar for $578,000 in 2001 and gave it back to the Academy. Michael Jackson paid more than one million for David Selznick’s Oscar in 1999.

2. To qualify for a nomination in the Oscar, your film must meet some strict criteria. The film must be 40 minutes long. It must be a 35mm or 70mm film. The minimum resolution must be 2048 by 1080 pixels. These are only some of the criteria. You have to meet a whole list of criteria to qualify for nomination in the Oscar.

3. Sound re-recording engineer Kevin O’Connell has received 20 Oscar nominations since 1983 but has not won any award yet. His last nomination was for his work on the movie Transformers in 2007.

4. A film must be screened in L.A. for at least a week to qualify for Oscar nomination. Charlie Chaplin’s 1952 film Limelight didn’t meet this criterion and couldn’t win the Oscar at that time. The movie was screened in L.A. in 1973. Later, it won the award for Best Original Score.

5. The reception party after the award ceremony is very lavish. The diners are presented with 1,200 bottles of champagne, 1,000 lobsters, 1,200 Oysters, and other things. There will be 7kg of edible gold dust for all the 4,000 Oscar statues.

6. The main event takes place at the famous Kodak Theater. There is seating arrangement for 3,332 people. But everyone doesn’t show up. These seats are sold for $125 per hour so that the hall seems fuller.

7. The Oscar ceremony had been criticized for the long speeches given by the award recipients. This lengthens the program, and people get irritated. So, a new rule has been in place which only gives 45 seconds to each recipient to deliver their speech. After this 45 seconds, Orchestra will be played to signal the recipient to stop.

These facts make Oscar more interesting. Oscar is a highly anticipated event every year, and people are eager to learn about all the gossips and news related to the event. There is always curiosity surrounding this annual mega event. Don’t forget to watch your movies in the cinema.


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  • October 6, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Interesting facts! I’ve never thought that oscar winners cannot own the statues they receive :O :O


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