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The movie takes place in a story where Bill (Nick Kroll) has been living in the shadow of his brother Robbie (Adam Scott) ever since that accident that happened during their childhood where Robbie became blind. Robbie considered his disability a motivation to make the world a better place.

Bill was doing all he could to support all of his brother’s efforts, and that included presentations of physical endurance to raise some cash for the blind, and of course the charitable organizations.
During the process of that, Robbie became someone that people look up to as a hero! While his brother Bill was actually stuck in a job at a printing shop.

The Beginning of a ‘Marathon’ – MY BLIND BROTHER

my blind brother reviewThe movie begins with Robbie running through a marathon while he’s stringed to his brother Bill as his guidance. From the way Bill’s running he’s not really enjoying it that much. While Robbie looks very into it as he wins the Marathon. At the end of the marathon line there were people cheering up for Robbie, while Bill was neglected in the back, as he lays under the sun ray feeling fatigue.

Later on while Robbie was making a speech, he thanked his parents for all their efforts. And then he started to talk about the one person who has been beside him the whole time, as an inner voice that keeps telling him that he can do it! At that moment Bill gives attention to his brother’s speech, and then he feels the shock when he decided to thank him, and neglecting all his brother’s Bill efforts.
From the beginning of the movie we’re able to see that Bill’s efforts were not really appreciated, neither by his parents nor by his brother Robbie himself.

From a director’s point of view, she decided to start the movie with a conflict between all the characters as we can tell from the beginning of the article. The conflict was quite simple that a little bit of honesty from the characters would actually solve the plot in no time. But from the little time we watch the movie we’ll be able to tell that such an easy, simple resolution might turn up to be impossible for these characters in the movie. As they decided to all lie to each other, just to keep the so called “Relativity Relationship”. These people aren’t bad people for lying, they’re just doing it to keep everything between them decent. Or maybe just to try to look like good people.
There is a romantic triangle plot in the movie, even though it seems like there are no romantic strings in the part of Rose (Jenny Slate). As she is the woman who gets to be involved in both of the brother’s life in such a little bit of time. She met Bill at the bar while she was crying over her memorial with her boyfriend who died recently as he was hit by a bus while he was running after her because she dumped him. And Rose was blaming herself for his accidental death.

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As she and Bill were talking, things got intimate and they decided to take it home, and they had what so called “A one Night Stand”. Obviously Bill wanted more, but unfortunately she turned him down claiming that she can’t go in any relationships meanwhile as it will be doomed.
As Rose felt the need to feel better about herself after the accidental killing of her boyfriend, she decided to volunteer to help Robbie preparing for his swim in the lake to raise funds for charity. Robbie took Rose’s help in the wrong way thinking of it as she wants something more than just being helpful to him. But Rose corrects him, and he feels so embarrassed about it. Rose takes a bold move and kisses Robbie to save him from the embarrassment.
As both of Robbie and Bill starts dating Rose, Bill finds a new reason to feel jealous of his brother.
In a way or another we are able to tell that things are going to get exciting, as Bill and Rose try their best to hide what they have from Robbie.

“My Blind Brother” – Trailer

In the End all We See is an Lovely Movie – MY BLIND BROTHER

The movie then begins to be full of awkward situations, and not just that but the conflict gets more interesting. From my point of view the movie has all what it takes to be a successful one, the plot, the conflict, and the way it keeps you interested in wanting to know more about what’s going to happen next.
Bill and Rose aren’t really such a bad people, but they’re also not the best people. “My Blind Brother” place the characters in such a humored way, but the humor isn’t actually in the circumstances that occurs in the movie. The humor is found in the characters themselves and their flaws.

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  • November 14, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    I’m actually looking forward to this movie, there are so many great movies coming out and this one is just added to the list immediately.

  • November 21, 2016 at 12:31 am

    Just saw the whole movie in the trailer!


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