Jennifer Lawrence Top/Hot Earning Actress

Jennifer Lawrence comes back this year with a wonderful performance on both the big screen and her pocket, getting around 46$ million dollars during the last 12 months, according to Forbes, the magazine about people with money.

For a lot of people, Jennifer is the actress of the moment, for many, she’s a candidate to win the Oscar. Lawrence makes all her fame to win some reason, and talking about winning, she’s the woman who made more money in Hollywood, the main actress on The Hunger Games has made so much money than almost the same that the guy in the Top Earning Actors has made, Dwayne Johnson.

What’s More Better Than a Repeated Success?

She repeats for the 2nd year in consecutive being the Top-Earning Actress that earns the most. On the other hand, Dwayne Johnson has broken the streak of Robert Downey Jr., who headed the list for 3 years. The weird thing about this Forbes’ list is that the 10 better-paid women earned even less than half of what men did. This difference puts in doubt the genre equalities in the industry, working as an opportunity maker for men. However, at just 26 yearsold, Lawrence has become one of the greatest artists in cinema history. With her movie “The Hunger Games” she won a percentage of what was made at the box office, 653$ million dollars, and from the contract, she made with “Passengers”, the movie that is being released at the end of this year.

Jennifer Lawrence Deep Pocket Tops Forbs Highest Paying List

Even when her incomes were reduced from what she earned last year when she made around 52$ million, the Oscar-winning actress fromSilver Linings Playbook” comes again to the first place by surpassing the rest of Hollywood actresses when it comes to incomes.

According to Forbes, the second better paid actress of the year was the comedian Melissa McCarthy, jennifer lawrence photoshe made a lot of money with her movie “Ghostbusters”. She is 45 years-old and she has won around 33$ million dollars, and beat last year second Scarlett Johansson who made 22 million In the last twelve months with her movie “Ghost in The Shell” and by giving her image to campaigns from Dolce &Gabbana and many other modeling and publicity businesses.

After Johansson, we can see Jennifer Aniston who made around 18 million dollars, but most of her income don’t come from her movies, even when she makes a lot, most of her earnings come from all her publicity contracts and such. However, there still exists a big income breach in Hollywood between women and men actors. Where the last 3 men in Forbes’ list made around 90 million together, but the last three women on the list who are Fan Bingbing with 15 million, Charlize Theron with 16 million and Deepika Padukone with 10 million don’t even come close to what men actors did.
This Top ten elaborated by Forbes has Amy Adams who made 12 million with some of her movies, specially Arrival, one of the best movies of the year. There’s also Julia Roberts with 11 million and Mila Kunis with 10 million. Among the absences from previous years, we can note Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Stewart and Cameron Diaz, while Cate Blanchett Renee Zellweger and Kristen Wiig almost made it into the list with almost 10 million each. According to this, we can see the big difference between actresses and actors in Hollywood, where the second best-paid actor, Robert Downey Jr. made around 80 million, 30 million more than Jennifer Lawrence, the American actress who precisely has announced this disparity in income between men and women in Hollywood on many occasions.

Way To Go Jennifer Lawrence

Finally, Lawrence, still makes a big impact in the Hollywood industry, with those almost 50 million dollars she has won this year with movies like “Joy”, “X-Men: Apocalypse” and the upcoming “Passengers”, we can see how big she has become and how important she is for the industry. Maybe she will be earning more in a few years, but for now, she can still be satisfied with being the top earning actress.

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  • December 28, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    She is great actress, but still I can’t believe that she is the highest-paid actress in the world!!


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