Which One Will be The Fastest One? 7 vs 8

As the ending of Fast and Furious 7 raised some big questions that need answers, and the bigest one is how will they finish Fast and Furious 8 without the first main star Paul Walker?! We are soon to find out in April 2017 when the upcoming sequel will open in the big screens. The fans are really anxious in waiting will the death of Paul Walker affect the quality of Fast and Furious 8?

The Grief of Fast and Furious 7 ! The death of Paul Walker shaded the thrill..

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One of the major actors in the film Paul Walker died a few years ago in a high speed accident while driving in his Porsche. His death was a shock to all the fans of the Fast and Furious movie franchise. The Fast and Furious 7 was dedicated to the memory of Paul Walker.

The heroes of this film look like being bulletproof. No matter how hard their car hits the ground or how many gun shots are thrown at them, they seem to overcome them all. So far, only two lead characters have passed away on the screen to re-appear in the following sequels. But Paul Walker’s death has made the fans acknowledge that these furious young guys are mortal too.

Paul Walker could not finish the shooting of Fast & Furious 7. He had died before the movie was completed. His part was later covered up with the help of his brothers Caleb and Cody. Some computer graphics was also used.

The Action Martial Arts Improved Moments | Slow Motion Matrix Style

These adjustments were noticeable in a martial-arts scene in a warehouse. The car wilded hunt through the Azerbaijan was impressive. The FBI agent, Brian O’ Conner, is seen on a tightrope-jaunt on the roof of a bus that was on a crumbling cliff brink!

Yet the attention is suddenly shiften to Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, who are driving through the forest. But this sudden shifting of focus was a little distraction. The tight-rope walking scene was breathtaking, and the director could let the audience see through the end of it.

There are plenty of loud cars and bad tempers in the movie just like its sequels. Sometimes, it felt that there were too many sequences of a car chase. The film was very long and at times tedious. The movie was shot in various international locations. This is a technique used by the directors of many of the franchise films. International locations are appealing to the audience.

The Middle East Capital up Ahead in The Fast and Furious 7

In this movie, the team goes to Abu Dhabi to look for a computer chip. This added an extra dimension to the film. The primary focus of the movie is driving the world’s most expensive supercars very fast and furiously not only over the roads but also over dunes and out of windows. You will get to experience a dream luxurious lifestyle by watching the movie. There are supercars, white tuxedos, gold furniture and other things needed for a lavish life. But this lifestyle doesn’t match with the characters Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) and the talented mechanic Tej Parker (Chris Bridges). They look too plain for this super luxurious lifestyle.

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Cross Ethnicity Makeover | Fast and Furious 7 International Mix

There were many international actors and actresses in the movie giving the movie a multiracial appeal. Kurt Russell is seen as a governmental order-giver in the movie along with Nathalie Emmanuel, who is seen as a talented hacker. One of the lead actor Dwayne Johnson doesn’t appear much in the movie, but he has made the best use of his small screen time. Some of the action sequences of the film are very clumsy. Still, this is the best sequel of the Fast & Furious so far.

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    It totally worth it! Can’t wait to see “Fast and Furious 8 “.


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