Where can I watch movies online for free? This is a question most of us have. For movieholics like us, and even for the people who find time to watch a movie once in a blue moon where to watch free movies really is a burning question.

Over 50% of the movie views are in online movie streaming rather than from DVDs or BlueRays which is unsurprising in the present world. In a research conducted in the US, it was concluded that 180 million of US citizens watch online TV/Movies each month. And that this viewership extends to around 200 videos per person for a single month which gives a total of 13 hours. The reasons behind this are mainly the lack of ads, convenience of time and availability.

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With the growing demand for online movies, thus grew the number of websites offering the service. Although there are hundreds of movie streaming websites available on the web, not all of them have the sought-after qualities and features. However there always are the toppers of a list; and here we are with the best 5 movie streaming websites that’ll give you a permanent answer for where to watch free movies.

Mega Movies was our first choice for the list of best english free streaming movie sites. Even though Mega Movies is not exactly a movie streaming website, it serves its purpose to the level best. is a website that acts as a movie search engine. It lists out all the most popular and most recent movies on its home page in a beautiful grid view. This lets you to just click on your favorite movie out of the lot to watch it. And even better, it has a search bar to search for any movie of your choice by the name of the movie or by a name of a celebrity.

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But Mega Movies only provides sources to your question where can I watch movies for free. That is, this website doesn’t contain a streaming facility but only has a great search algorithm to provide the user with the best links to watch the movie from other streaming websites. The website has no illegal content whatsoever as it claims on the homepage itself, as it only contains links to other websites. And we believe this search engine answers the question of where can I watch movies online for free, perfectly.

Lime Tube is one of the best online movie streaming sites available. And it’s one of the first that comes to mind when asked ‘where can I watch movies online’. This website glows with excellence from its first impression which gives you easy access to your favorite movies rather than having to comb through the whole site. The well-ordered menu on the left side gives you many options. It contains 3 sections namely:

  • A search bar
  • A main menu
  • A genre list

The search bar can be used to search for your desired movie or TV show from the website. The main menu lets you choose from Movies, TV shows, News, Top 50 and also the option to reach the DCMA and Contact pages. While the latter part contains a number of movie/TV genres such as action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime and documentary which links you to listing s of specific genre when clicked.

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Lime Tube users can either play or download the content and is also granted with a social media sharing facility to Facebook and Twitter. Each movie is displayed with its IMDB rating, making it further easy for the visitors to choose their watch of the day. also shows a list of 20 most viewed movies with the view count on the right sidebar of the website. The website’s user friendliness is further enhanced by its recommendations specific to your activity on the site.

Cinematic movie streaming website is a treat for the eyes of everyone looking for where to watch free movies, with its color combination of blue and black and its elegantly designed logo. The site gives great movie previews with its name, poster, IMDB rating and the year of release. The homepage is divided to several sections such as:

  • New releases
  • Recommended movies
  • Recently added movies
  • Genres
  • Release year
  • Quality

While the website displays the new releases and recently added movies, you can click on the other options to get filtered movies based either on your previous preferences or the selected genre, year or quality. The genres available include action, animation, comedy, crime, drama, family, horror, and science fiction.

Hovering your mouse over a movie poster also provides a small description for the movie and clicking on it would take the user to a different page with the movie trailer, synopsis, cast details, link for watching, and much more details on the movie. also displays a number of related movies to a specific movie making the website a great choice for everyone with the question where can I watch movies online for free.

Another movie streaming website which fulfils the need of where to watch free movies is Movies Box. With its large grid design, you’ll never miss your favorite movie. Each movie/TV series is previewed with a large poster and its name on the website and it contains a search bar on the top right corner for you to find the movies or series you need.

There are two options on the menu namely Movies and Series, each of which leads to separate pages with a list of content and a number of filtering options such as:

  • Genre
  • Search by Title
  • Order by Release Date/ Rate/ Title
  • Search by Actor
  • Released before
  • Released after
  • Minimum rating
  • Maximum rating

When you select and enter the necessary filtering options, the resulting list of movies will be displayed on the page for you to choose from. Clicking on a movie navigates the user to another page with the details, rating, streaming and download options, cast images and comments for the movie.
Similar to Mega Movies, is also a legal site which provides links to movie and TV content from other websites. With Movies Box you won’t ever need any other website when you wonder where can I watch free movies online.

Movie Play has a large database of movie details for anyone with the question where can I watch free movies. The homepage of the website displays many listings of movies with their images for easy selection. The carousal at the top contains some of the most popular movies while below that are sections for Latest Videos, Random Videos (another carousal), Longest Videos and Most Viewed Videos. Each movie preview has an image and the number of views it received.
The main menu contains 3 options for

  • Home
  • Categories
  • Tags

The Categories page has links for movie collections by genres such as action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy etc. The 20 or so genres make it easier for the visitors to find the type of movies they would want to watch quicker than many other film streaming websites. The Tags menu bar only contains a tag to Netflix at the moment.

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Each movie preview when clicked navigates the user to a separate page with a description and details of the movie. A user can share the movie page via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and is also given the facility of up-down voting. The search bar at the top is available on all pages for fast and easy searching.

For The End

The above websites provide great means of watching the best and the latest movies online for free. If you are wondering where to watch movies for free, don’t hesitate anymore.

Because with these websites you not only can find the best streaming links but also find out more about the movies and TV series you like. Each website in this list has a well-organized content listing system with ratings, comments, and other details which gives a visitor a good insight to the movie before watching. In addition to this, some of these websites give recommendations based on your activity on the website which gives you the exposure to more and more movies you would otherwise miss.

In an age where the most convenient method of watching movies is online streaming, these websites provide a great service for anyone with the problem where can I watch movies online for free. So don’t hesitate to try out each of these and find the best one for all your movie needs.


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