Four reasons why you should go to the cinema to watch movies

Unlike before, now you have lots of options to watch movies without going to a movie theater. You can download a movie from Netflix, or other legal and illegal movie sites. But you will not get the experience of a movie hall at home even if you have the best home theater. Here are four reasons why you should go to the cinema to watch movies.

1. The experience

Filmmakers spend millions of dollars to make a film for you to go to the cinema and watch it. The visuals, special effects, sounds, etc. cannot be experienced inside the home they way you will see and feel in the cinemas. Watching a film in the dark with a huge screen and the best sound system in the world can be exciting. It’s worth every penny you spend there.

2. No distractions

When you watch movies at home, you may have to receive a phone call or take care of your pet. But in a movie theater, there is no obstruction. You can go inside the world of movies without any distractions. You will enjoy the film more as you will be watching it will full attention.

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3. Community experience

You see a film with many audiences. This shared experience of laughing and crying together is just un explainable. You will have a fun time watching the movie with other. You can even grab a drink and some popcorn to enhance your experience.

4. Trailers

In a movie theater, you will get to see the new trailers of the upcoming movies before the film starts. This will help you to decide which movie you are going to see next. It’s an amazing feeling to watch the trailer of a new film.

Though people now go to movie theaters less than they used to go before because of the other options available, you will never get the same experience of watching a film in movie theaters. Going to movies is great fun, and you should go at least a few times a month with your family and friend. It’s a great way to relax and spend the weekend. Oh really, like you didn’t knew that 😛 .


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